Hlubi Mboya Arnold hosts a FREE Masterclass at SAE

16 Nov 2017

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Hlubi Mboya Arnold hosts a FREE Masterclass at SAE

16 Nov 2017

We were very excited to host Hlubi Mboya Arnold who facilitated a workshop titled Impact Focused Storytelling.

This masterclass session covered various key aspects of the creative industry with a specific focus on Storytelling & media advocacy.

However, as an award-winning Film and Television Actress, social justice and civil rights activist, sponsored athlete, educator, scholar and social entrepreneur, Hlubi also tackled some other very important topics such as;

  • Education for empowerment
  • Women & the SA entertainment industry
  • Alternative distribution

About Hlubi Mboya Arnold


Hlubi and Gareth Armstrong on air

Hlubi, alongside Gareth Armstrong produces Future CEO’s on CliffCentral where they assist young, ambitious, up-and-coming, high-potential entrepreneurs and executives grow their businesses and fast-track their careers.

“As creatives it is imperative we see ourselves as businesswomen and entrepreneurs with a sound financial wealth planning portfolio,” she says.

Hlubi is passionate about Education through the continent.

"As a social justice activist, educator and scholar, my purpose is being an advocate that education is for empowerment, action and change.

“Education for empowerment is a struggle against injustice, humiliation, degradation, exploitation and oppression.

“I want to promote the good of humanity. I am bound to realise this vision through hard work, honesty, commitment, seriousness, sincerity and determination. A liberated people and a liberated mind will always be the focus in the educational experience.

Education designed to empower people must be transformational in nature and help people develop the knowledge, skills, and values needed to become social advocates who can make reflective decisions and implement their decisions in effective personal, social, political and economic action," explains Hlubi.

This dynamic woman is currently a Director of the registered NPO, Sunshine Cinema, a solar powered mobile cinema that converts solar energy into social impact.

"We take compelling and carefully curated content to a diverse array of communities across Africa. We strive to brighten the places we travel by educating and inspiring the people we engage with by giving them the tools and solutions they need to live more conscious and empowered lives" says Hlubi.

SAE has a partnership in place with Sunshine Cinema to offer a:

One Year Digital Film Production scholarship.