Guerilla Video Production Course

Cape Town

25 Aug 2015



Guerilla Video Production Course

25 Aug 2015

The Guerilla Video Production Course is an 8 week short course designed to teach you how to take the footage you shoot on your digital camera and turn that into a professional looking video, one that is DVD-ready and suitable to wow audiences on YouTube.

Today’s digital world affords anybody and everybody that owns a Smartphone, Go Pro or digital camera the opportunity to shoot high quality footage.

This is what our Guerilla Video Production Course is all about...

Taking your hobby and the fun you have with it and turning your video footage into a professional looking short film.

Guerilla Film Making

Guerrilla Video Production

Traditionally the word guerilla film making refers to the making of movies on tiny budgets, with impromptu settings, simple props and usually with few if any real crew to assist.

This may sound familiar to some of you.

But the Guerilla Video Production Course is not just for amateur film makers with small or no budgets. This course is for anybody and everybody who wants to get the most out the digital tools at their fingertips.

You will be amazed by the results you can achieve in this crazy digital age. Most mid-priced Smartphones are in fact capable of shooting cinema quality footage.

With the right knowledge, some simple tips from those who have done it before and suitable training on how to shoot smart as well as learning how to use video editing software, you can create professional looking videos whether it’s for leisure or for your own business videos or presentations.

Simple tips to remember when shooting footage

Whilst you will surely learn a lot more in our Guerilla Video Production Course than these basic tips, here’s an idea of a few things that are common challenges when shooting a video...

Guerrilla Video Production

Garbage in, garbage out

It seems like an obvious consideration but always remember you can only work with the footage you have. No amount of magic in post production will hide the flaws of bad shooting. Of course we’ll teach you how to get the most out of your footage and make you look like a genuine pro by the time we’re done, but it starts with the source.


Portability is a fantastic virtue of the digital world. But often the smaller we go the less stable the shot becomes and this is very evident with film. Simple methods will show you how to get a good shot even with smaller digital devices. 


 Unless you’re planning on overdubbing every frame, no mean feat for anybody on a shoestring budget with limited resources, getting the sound right from the outset, particularly for spoken word is essential. 

A little bit of planning

Mexican film maker Guillermo Del Toro is quoted as saying, "The saddest journey in the world is the one that follows a precise itinerary. Then you’re not a traveller. You’re a tourist."  True words indeed but take it from us; a little bit of pre-planning or thought ahead of shooting goes a long way to get the shot you’re looking for. 

Post Production

Post production or video editing is where you take all your awesome footage and create the magic. Today’s video editing software for Mac and PC is remarkably powerful and if you’ve paid attention to points 1 – 4 this process can be the real icing on the cake as you make magic with all your awesome footage.

Who should attend?

Whether you’re an extreme sports fanatic, a crazy music lover, a traveller, an enthusiastic young film maker, or even a small business wanting to shoot promo or tutorial videos, the Guerilla Video Production Course is all about using minimal resources for maximum gain. 

It’s about taking a few simple tools; a digital camera, a laptop and the internet and turning your passion into professional creative media. 

For more information on the SAE Guerilla Video Production Course click here.